The show

Gaston and Lulu come to present their acrobatic hand to hand act in the purest circus tradition, well maybe not....
Gaston, tyrannical acrobat, nervous and puny directs Lulu with a strong sweaty hand so their act keeps on the right path.
Lulu, frustrated dancer, docile and hungry base, follows scrupulously the orders and contents his stomach every time the other is not looking.
And yet, nothing works as usual, it's the chaos!
Their tension almost makes them lose their face before their audience that they love so much.
No matter what happens they will end their act.
Nothing is to fear, even their clumsiness will not stop these tow artists of reaching their goal: to make the audience dream and collect the glory..!
« Muscles and sweat » is a show where the hand to hand is the main technique, but it's the performance of the two clowns - Gaston et Lulu - that gives this act its freshness and originality.
These two characters try to present us their act as a traditional circus performance. But sometimes the impeccable appearance cracks and lets room to the unpredictability.
Our two acrobats resist but their clown don't let them alone.
The music, with Lulu at the sax and Gaston at the trombone, generates more misunderstandings and difficulties, contributes to clear their characters and give wideness to these tow clumsy beings.
Their acrobatic achievements arrive just on time to make us forget their mistakes.
This is a show without text for an audience of any age and it can be performed in several environments: streets, theatres halls and circus tents.